D700 First impressions from a D200 shooter

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D700 First impressions from a D200 shooter

Some background; Got the D70 when it first came out, loved it and upgraded to the D200 when that came out- loved the more rugged feel, better screen etc.

Skipped the D300 like many D200 owners because i didnt feel it offered me enough to make the investment worthwhile.. and i knew eventually there would be a mini D3.

I got pretty close to buying the D3 a few times, but managed to resist. I'm going to Japan in a few weeks and had planned to purchase the D700 over there at a reduced price.. however i've discovered that bodies purchased over there have a Japan ONLY warrenty.. which i decided was worth the £500 difference.

First impressions;

Its a solid lump of camera! I love how the larger viewfinder 'hump' looks on the camera, makes it look much more purposeful. I love my 24-70 on this camera! I got pretty close to sending the lens back when i just had my D200, the focussing was quite noisy (For an AFS lens), and not very accurate.. shooting at 2.8 was a bit of a lottery, it really seemed to hunt for focus and i would get a lot of OOF shots. Well no longer, it snaps into focus like a shot on the D700. Of course the screen is brilliant, but D300 users already know this.
Other than that, its exactly what i had hoped i'd purchased.. a mini D3.


The viewfinder- not strictly a negative, but i'd imagined more of a difference over the D200's finder.. it is really good, and i love the round eyepiece- i already have the DK-19 fitted which i really handy.. but i guess i'd just imagined it'd be an even bigger view.

Tom Hogan isnt wrong when he talks about function creep in the menus.. i consider myself to be pretty well versed in the Nikon system, and whilst i understand everything in the menus- it sure takes a bit longer to find stuff now, there really needs to be some better organisation going on in there!

The CF door, the quality of which, whilst ok; doesnt exactly exceed the price point. Also the power switch seems to have lost the nice positve click that my D200 has.. something i noticed about the D300 too. Also as others have mentioned the rubber port cover doesnt fit tightly enough and is far too easy to open.

The top LCD no longer shows custom setting bank and shooting bank info, make up for slightly by having it easily accessible on the info display.

A minor one, but that viewfinder hump does make the camera take up slightly more space in the bag.. maybe an excuse to buy yet another cam bag

Over all, very happy- looking forward to doing some serious shooting with it this week. I have some new flash/grip gear and a second hand 105mm f/2.5 turning up this week, so looking forward to trying some studio stuff as well as getting out and about.

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