NEW 5D available in August!

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Re: Late August is the usual Canon announcement time

RedFox88 wrote:

bronxbombers wrote:

i thought that the 1dsmkiii has the LOWEST noise per surface area of
sensor of any of the DSLRs and since it has tied for the largest
sensor, wouldn't that make it the lowest noise of them all, even if
definitely not the lowest noise per PIXEL.

If it did, you'd see a lot of talk and example high iso shots from
1Ds3 users and that hasn't happened. Yet most 1Ds3 users (the s
stands for studio) aren't using their camera for family snapshots
after sunset. They are shooting landscapes in good light and studio
shots in controlled studio lighting.

but how many of them downsample everything to 10-12MP?

i could swear there is a photon efficiency per unit sensor area chart that had the 1DsMkIII at the top, maybe I didn't read the fine print and some other stuf was not yet taken into account.

anyway, it seems at least possible though.

again as for why you don't hear most of them (there is one on FM who does go on about this) going on about this, maybe it's because most people and most reviews just look at per pixel noise, where the 1DsMkIII is defintely not the best, even if not all that bad, but take that massive MP pic and optimally reduce it down to 6 or 8 or 12MP and I think it might well have less noise than any of those 6,8,12MP cameras for the same scene framed the same way.

maybe I am not remembering it correctly or I just glanced at the chart and missed something important in the text though.

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