A Question to all you wedding photographers

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Re: rule of thumb?

Or it can just show that they are being respectful. People know that we photographers can be touchy.

Personally, I feel that any guest should be free to take pictures of anything they want during the ceremony, reception, cocktail hour, etc. I expect 80% of all wedding guests to be equipped with a camera, and I wouldn't dream of trying to restrict their use of them. And to the extent that an officiant has rules about photography during certain parts of the ceremony, it is their gig to communicate and enforce those rules as they see fit -- I don't get involved in any way shape or form.

However, when I am working on the getting ready images, groups and formals, particularly when working on the bride and groom alone, I really don't appreciate guests interrupting what I am doing to try to make their own pictures.

I try VERY hard to respect my clients and their guests by interrupting the event as little as possible for photographic reasons. In exchange for this consideration, I expect guests to keep out of MY way during the very brief few minutes I ask the couple to dedicate to my photography. It seems like a reasonable exchange, and it's extremely rare that guests don't understand this.

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