NEW 5D available in August!

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Re: Late August is the usual Canon announcement time

carlk wrote:

Strange as it might sound but low light capability is mostly demanded
by amateur photographer for snap shot type photography. Pros and
serious photographers will either use elaborated lighting set up or
use tripod for landscapes whenever they can. I don’t think many of
them and their clients will appreciate ISO800+ images from any
cameras. Perhaps that’s the reason you don’t hear many of them
mention low light capability of 1Ds3. There are exceptions of
course. Indoor sports photography is one of them but that’s not
where 1Ds3 is used.

Carl, this isn't quite true. We often have to shoot weddings in very low light circumstances and in some churches, flash is not allowed. Low light performance can be critical at such times. Also, getting a high ISO when shooting in a club or reception, even with flash, helps minimize problems caused by slow shutter speeds or shallow DOF.
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