NEW 5D available in August!

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Re: Late August is the usual Canon announcement time

noiseless wrote:

Other then the noise argument, is there any other reason to not wait
for the 1ds M3 prices to continue to plummet while waiting for the
5d? mistery? I have doubts of Canon putting out a 5D that will out
perform the 1ds M3 IQ. With a trade in on my 5D and a purchase out of
Thailand I think I can get a 1ds M3 for arounD 5G USD.

The disappointing noise of the 1Ds3 did put me off, but I also don't really need anything more than 16 to 18 MP, and I need a camera to travel light with. I've got three 1 series bodies which I use on a day to day basis and they are pretty heavy, so something lighter would be a good alternative for me. Being cheaper is a nice bonus.

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