What Manual Setting for Iceskating Action?

Started Aug 3, 2008 | Discussions thread
ismith Contributing Member • Posts: 641
Re: Would suggest positive compensation.

2) Set the exposure correction to - 1/3 or - 2/3

I'm not so sure about using negative exposure compensation, as you have to remember that the ice is (usually) white, and will in many cases take up most of the frame.

If you have any experience of shooting at brighter subjects (snow, ice, glare, etc.), you will usually find the camera will automatically compensate by darkening the shot (if the majority of the frame is bright) - a reason so many people end up with silhouetted subjects in such situations.

So, you may find a need to use positive EV settings to get the correct exposure. This may overexpose the ice a little, but your subjects are the people on the ice, not the ice iteself.

I'd also suggest, if the available light is a bit limited, using ISO400, to keep the shutter speed and aperture at more optimum settings.


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