A Question to all you wedding photographers

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Your job

I have photographed weddings since 1971.

This other photographer is not very good. There are rules for appearance in a picture for people kissing. Break them, and they look bad. For example, if the Groom's chin is "leading" towards the photographer, then you see under his chin. What should happen is the Bride should keep a straight up head and the groom kiss with his forehead leading towards the camera. Few photographers, even pros ever learn this.

You cannot teach this photography anything. The best you can do is to do pictures of the guests while they are seated at the tables, or while they are dancing, or while they are standing on the patio. Make the guests group as 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s and no larger. Ask some to get out of their seats if it would make the guests look warmer together.

Therefore, photograph the REACTION OF THE GUESTS to the Bride and Groom, as they get into the car, as they leave the church, as they enter the church, as they dance, as they wave goodbye.

This "wedding photographer" will miss all of this because he/she is already filled up with trying to just photograph the bride and groom well.

As a result, you won't be in the way of the other photographer. And the bride and groom will have pictures they couldn't otherwise have afforded. And you will never be criticised for how you photographed the Bride and Groom because you will have very few of those pictures.

In this way you are complementary and you will be thanked. You will also have a good time and be under less pressure.


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