Nikon D90 Rumor

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Re: Nikon D90 Rumor

Vandyu wrote:

Thom has the confidence of Nikon

Really? When did that start? ; )

and in order to gain advance
information from them, he has to limit what he reveals.

Sorry, but as written, incorrect. I've said it many times: I have no official relationship with Nikon and no advance access to information or equipment via any official channel. I'm pretty sure that Nikon would like to know where some of my information does come from. They've successfully cut off one of my sources, but not all of them.

So, no, he won't spill the beans.

Be happy to spill the beans. However, since my run-in with Nikon after divulging the D70 specifications early, I've since used the more journalistic practice of using multiple sources before divulging anything. I've got a pretty good handle on the full specifications (and more) from a single source, but I haven't gotten a second source to back that up, so I'm not writing anything yet.

Good chance he has an advance model
in his hand to start working on his next e-book,

Nope. Sometimes I think Nikon doesn't overly mind that I leak stuff. They certainly could quiet me down until launch day by giving me early access and having me sign NDAs, but they've never even broached the subject with me.

so it can be ready
not too long after the product is being purchased and people want to
know how to maximize its features.

Right. Which is why my D3 book will appear almost a year after the camera was announced ; ).

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