NEW 5D available in August!

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Replacement 5D, All I can find!

Sorry I have been busy with life and shooting!

However I have been digging hard! From Beijing to Shanghai to Hangzhou, I am getting little but the same story from the Chinese Canon dealers I know,

1. 18th of August as a date for full information (Beijing/Shanghai/Hangzhou)
2. 16MP Sensor, Full frame of course (Beijing/Shanghai/Hangzhou)

3. Price RMB 17,000-20,000 thats around $3,000.00 (Beijing/Shanghai/Hangzhou) 4. Orders are being taken and Plenty of Chinese photographers have already got deposits down.

My local Dealer (Drinking partner) has promised me at least one Body in plenty of time for the F1 Grand Prix in Shanghai (October)
Price RMB 17,000.

Thats it!

I can be sure from the conversations I have had that they know more but are not letting on!
NDAs work even in China!
China Russ.

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