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Re: Open with Lightroom 2 workaround

I got a work around from a Lightroom forum thats almost as good

Here's a quick work around. I'm assuming you're on Windows, don't know what flavor. In your system:\Documents and Settings\user\ folder should be a subfolder called SendTo. Locate that. Then in system:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2\, right-click on lightroom.exe, and drag it to the ...SendTo folder, and select 'Create Shortcuts Here'. That should place a short-cut to LR2 in the SendTo folder.

Close all that. Right-click on the target JPG, to bring up the context-menu. Instead of "Open With', choose 'Send To'. Select LR2 from the pop-up menu.

That works fine on my XPProSP3. Same result, minimum clicks.

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