Sony A900 $2000 ??? Speak Ukrainian?

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Re: It's in Russian

Kiril Karaatanasov wrote:

JohnyP wrote:

Considering the cost of producing a FF 24mp sensor, a good prism for
viewfinder, weather sealing and other features - there is no way it
will be less than 2K. Just not possible.

Uhhh what is the cost of 24Mp FF sensor? 50 $ or less (Canon used to
tell everyone it is few hundred $$$ but that was few years back, now
they sell the whole cam with a sensor for 1600$ )

A good prism well it is costly but is it more then 50$ over the A700
prism I doubt it

All SLR cameras used to have pentaprisms, even when they were selling for around $150 in the late 1970's. Those entry level cameras have glass pentaprisms. These should, with inflation, cost no more than a few bucks. The only reason they are not found in entry level cameras is not because of cost, but because that is one of the few ways a camera maker can differentiate between a much more expensive camera than a much less expensive one.

weather sealing - this is new. Do you have some leaked info? All I
see in the new body product shots is an A700 body with top LCD.

My price guess of under 2000$ is mainly based on the 5D current price
and D700 price. I would guess similar to the A700 D300 - Sony will
shoot at slightly lower spec lower class, lower price body than D700
to avoid unnecessary competition with Nikon.

I would think that Sony would want more than $2,000 for its flagship, if for no other reason than to boost its image. A cheap flagship would not boost its image.

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