A Question to all you wedding photographers

Started Aug 1, 2008 | Discussions thread
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Re: A Question to all you wedding photographers

Cathy1973 wrote:

I will talk to the photographers at the rehearsal next week but I
wanted to get your take on the situation.

Hi Cathy,

I'm not a wedding photographer... but my take on the situation is that -you- should not be the one to talk to the photographer. Rather, it's the groom's concern, so he should be the one airing his concerns and/or questions to the pro.

Furthermore, I don't really get what you meant about your invite being conditional. Are you a good enough friend to invite to his wedding, or are you a service provider? Will you be paid for the pictures you take at the wedding, or does he expect those will be free? I'm not sure why you'd let yourself get pulled into this situation.

Good luck,

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