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LX3 Sample shots and evaluation (in Korean Forum: Popco.net)

Started Aug 1, 2008 | Discussions thread
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Junho Shin New Member • Posts: 15
LX3 Sample shots and evaluation (in Korean Forum: Popco.net)

Actually, I saw a lot of decent sample shots in full size taken from an expert and evaluations in the following Korean Forum (Popco.net).
So let me give you some links ...

The important note I got from the manager of the forum is "don't distribute the photos without permission".
So I hope you just look at those photos for yourself.

  1. Sample shots

Although there's little high ISO samples, I'm sure you will enjoy it.


  1. Image quality comparison at different ISO levels: LX3/LX2/FX38


  1. Raw file of a picture taken at ISO 1600

The first crop image shows the JPEG at ISO1600 and the second crop image is the raw file.
And the next five crop images are the adjusted samples by Silkypix.


  1. Comparion with LX2 in the light side of the pictures


  1. The quality of wide angle converter

Comparison of shots with wide angle converter (1.33 zoom) and shots without.
The reason for zoom is to set the picture size be the same.
Left-hand side picture are shots with wide angle converter.

The last 5 picture are shots with wide angle converter with no zoom.


  1. Noise reduction in LX3 (5 Levels)


It will be better if you give me some feedbacks about the LX3,
because now I'm seriously considering buying it as soon as it is released.

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Junho Shin

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