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Re: Canon Pro9000 Empty Carts

Why not just buy a chip re-setter ?

I recieved this today FWIIW,note all prices in NZ$$.



Your Canon PGI5 & CLI8 ink cartridges can be easily, successfully and very
economically refilled by your good self at prices substantially cheaper than
Canon originals. Details of our refill kits, cartridge capacity and most
frequently asked questions are as follows.

Canon have made your machine in such manner that when you desire to save
money and use a refilled cartridge, to continue to print, Canon, after a
series of messages, disables the ink level indicator system on your printer
by use of chip technology. This in turn opens the potential risk ( not
automatic, but something to be conscious of ), to damage the printhead by
running an empty cartridge for an extended period.

To refill these cartridges which will print perfectly, and avoid any
potential damage to the printhead, you need to either simply use
commonsense, regularly keep a manual eye on the ink levels to ensure that
all cartridges have ink in them, OR at the slightest sign of fading, stop &
top them up OR buy a chip resetter. Think of them like the petrol tank on
your car, it does not matter if it is 90% empty or 90% full, you can still
top it up

Our refill kits provide bottled ink specifically engineered to your
cartridge type in any size requested below, simple easy to follow step by
step instructions with diagram, syringes with ml. measurements, GST all
included in our price, plus $8 handling & delivery per order.

Ink maybe purchased individually & in any colour or size mentioned below,
the larger the quantity purchased, the more economical it becomes.

The recommended refill amount for the CLI8 colour cartridges is no more than
10ml. of ink " per colour "
There are eight colour cartridges in the Pro9000 known as black, cyan, photo
cyan, magenta, photo magenta, red , green & yellow

Prices " PER COLOUR " Per bottle per colour ;
Our smallest colour kit starts at 30ml - ( approx. 3 refills per bottle ) $
$200 or from just $8.35 per cartridge. >

50ml. kit - $ 40ea.
125ml. kit $ 50ea
250ml. kit $ 80ea
500ml.kit $ 140ea
One Litre kit $ 230ea

Due to heavy product demand, delivery time for this product is 4-6 working

CHIP RESETTER : When purchased with any ink above, $79

You can safely store our ink for 18 months or more as long as commonsense
prevails, put the lid back on tightly & store in a cool dark place like a
filing cabinet or wardrobe (not the refrigerator).

Refilling cartridges is not rocket science and you have the added assurance
of our numbered step by step instructions with diagram. Notwithstanding, in
the unlikely event you may experience any difficulty, back up technical
assistance is available to all our customers free of charge. Simply email or
phone our sales staff.

All our bulk inks are manufactured and thoroughly tested to ensure they meet
the highest quality standards & are guaranteed to meet the original
manufacturer specifications to ensure trouble free printing. Inferior inks
and those not specifically engineered for your individual cartridge type
will lead to poor print quality & printhead clogging. Do not take that risk.
A lot of poor quality cheaper inks having been hitting the New Zealand
market. A false conception in the market place is that one ink fills all
cartridges, wrong !! - Beware, inks are not created equal. For trouble free
printing, deal with an ink specialist, use only AAA Cartridge Recharge fully
tested and guaranteed premium inks. Do not mix inks.

Are you buying expensive manufacturer original ink cartridges every few
months or less, OR have a large upcoming print job ? Then you need to add
up the substantial savings to be made compared to buying just two or three
original cartridges. Why pay more ? Your ink refill kit has you in the black
with more money back in your pocket, in a very short time. Ink maybe
purchased individually & in any size mentioned above.

We accept orders from Mums & Dads right through to Government Departments
and large companies. We have account facilities for business, schools etc.
Visa & MasterCard facilities, direct deposit / netbank transfer to our bank
account, cheque or Post Office money order received with your order sent to
our National Sales Office.

You can refill ink cartridges with confidence.

For maximum life from your ink cartridges, we recommend you treat them like
the petrol tank of your car, keep it topped up, avoid letting run completely
dry. Always inject ink slowly & for optimum print quality, whether original,
compatible or refilled cartridges, run your print-head cleaning mode (see
your printer manual) regularly.

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to ask, no

Kind Regards
AAA Cartridge Recharge
100% Customer satisfaction Guarantee on all products.
Phone : 0800 900 002

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