Ethics & morals of using pirated software to publish/post process photos

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It's a stretch

Les Olson wrote:

Chato wrote:

Oops, I forgot, my Great Grandfather WAS a slave.

Then you have reason to remember that "property rights", as defined
by the prevailing law, are not always morally right.

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'Some of the money I spent on booze, women and fast cars, but the
rest I squandered' - George Best

To lay upon the innocent members of a society the crimes of the elite. If this IS the logic that one choses to use, then where is the line drawn? Was it evil for the Spainish to oppress the North Africans, or was the sin commited by the North Africans taking over Spain?

We are after all One Speicies, and to say that I as a westerner am a participant in a crime, merely because I AM a westerner, is taking logic to absurdity.
All we as individuals can do, is what we CAN do. That and no more.

In the meantime, to go back on topic, I refuse to steal software from a vendor who creates a product and sells it. If I can't afford it, too bad. There are many things I cannot afford. And if a vendor is simply running a scam, by which they steal from me - I have a perfect right to take their product and use it anyway I choose. This is my personal ethics and morality. I do the best I can to live by them.


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