Trick for 8 fps without the grip for D300

Started Jul 28, 2008 | Discussions thread
parisphotog Senior Member • Posts: 2,074
Re: Chuck...

Chuck Steenburgh wrote:

Just for testing, really...the problem for me is the 9-frame burst.
I'm seldom going to shoot exactly 9 frames, and at some point, the
camera will stop firing when it hits that 9th frame. And besides...I
have an MB-D10.

I'm not really sure that's the problem. It's one of anticipation. The great war photographer Tim Page was once on an aircraft carrier off of the coast of Viet Nam, shooting launching of aircraft with a Nikon F and motor drive. His observation was that you could load a fresh 36 exp. roll of film and if you didn't anticapte things correctly then you could do a "full burn" and completly miss the shot.
High speeds are great, but you have to be great as well.


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