Trick for 8 fps without the grip for D300

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Re: Chuck...

Chuck Steenburgh wrote:

It's not the trick that's original; I actually picked it up here on
DPReview. It's been passed around in various forms in several
discussion forums. But I think if you're going to copy someone's
writing almost verbatim, you ought to at least acknowledge the
source! I'm a writer, and my writings are my intellectual property -
however uninspired, poorly worded, or dull they might be.

I agree. And I never will understand what's the problem with citing a source properly...

I think there's certainly a possibility that one could damage the
camera by pushing it beyond its official limits. The assumption of
many regarding this 'trick' is that Nikon has crippled the camera's
FPS rate intentionally in order to sell more battery grips. While
that is certainly possible, it's equally possible the trick is, in
fact, a glitch that allows pushing the camera beyond what it was
intended to do. Bad things can happen when you try to draw more
juice out of a power source than it is intended to provide.

How often did you apply the "trick"? Just for testing purposes to get beyond the limit for fun? Or did you use it even in real word shooting situations?

That being said, the "warning" is as much an attempt to poke a little
fun at the lawsuit-obsessed culture that exists in the U.S. and other
places around the world.*

  • Disclaimer: all warnings made by this author, satirical or not,

should be taken seriously.

regards, eric

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