Flash advice for D200 and Prom photo's

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Flash advice for D200 and Prom photo's

Okay small Australian outback town has a prom the following weekend.
The organisers know I have a camera! and want me to take the photo's.
I said no way too big a responsibility not only that I don't have a flash gun.

I have three lenses Nikon 17-55 f2.8 and 70-200 f2.8 VR
and for what it is worth in this scenario Sigma 10-20!

They tell me that we only want snaps but I don't have a flash I tell them!

My built in D200 flash when used with the two Nikon Lenses causes shadows due to the lens diameter.

These people always say don't worry we just want snaps. But when they don't turn out that's a lot of angry parents?

Anyhow got me thinking what flash would I need to buy to do the job and any other equipment umbrellas etc Or is it just a case of D200 with SB800?

Ten new debs, 7 old debs and a few schoolkids

Deb Ball? Prom Ball? coming from England it's a new one on me

Is it too much of a job not knowing much about flash or should I go and buy a flashgun to do the job and maybe the parents will buy it from the profit of selling prints?

If yes what flash?

Any leads?

Batteries and off flash bracket?

Or should I just stay at home and watch the Bill as Saturday night is a good night for TV

cheers Eric

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