LX3 challenges Ricoh niche with 24mm

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Re: The problem - has solutions

Guy I agree wholly with all you say. I also thnk that the focus and refresh rate problems of a large sensored replaceable-lensed cameras are problems that surely can be solved.

My idea of such a camera is having an evf that you can place your eye to as well as the commonplace lcd on the back. I was not going to do away with the viewfinder.

The lcd should be articulated in such a camera and principally used for tripod, waist level and overhead shots. It would take some sort of gymnist to be able to frame and take a conventional image on such a camera hand held using the lcd to frame it. I have metal images of someone waving around such a camera with a full size telephoto lens on it. I have actually seen people try with my Canon gear and then ask me how to switch on the lcd (grin) - I kid you not.

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