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Re: ST-E2 without 550 EX

teryx wrote:

I saw a post a few days ago on the ST-E2 and its improvements on
focussing in low light. I would like to know what's involved in
having the ST-E2 setup on a D60 or 1D without flash. If someone
could point me in the right direction, I would really apreciate it.

There's nothing to it; you just slide it into the hotshoe.

I've only tried it out a little bit; there is some
improvement, but it seems to be most noticable in extremely
dark conditions, in which case you'd probably be better off
using a flash anyway

The ST-E2 light is less disturbing than the built-in AF lamp,
but it's still pretty bright.

In general, I don't have complaints about the AF. In low-light
situations, it can help to use the custom function to map AF
to the * button, so that you can focus once and then take
multiple shots without re-focusing.

As a side point, I recently visited a friend who makes all
of his income from photography. He looked over my new D60 kit
and asked, "so, do you really use the auto-focus?" I actually
thought that I hadn't heard him correctly, but he repeated the
question. When I asked him about auto-focus, he said that he
avoided it in general, explaining that "it just gets in my

I understand that some pro photographers really need
ultra-fast, ultra-reliable autofocus, for high-speed subjects
such as sports, and they can really get the most out of the
cameras designed for such applications - such as the 1D and

I don't shoot those subjects, and so I generally find the D60
AF more than adequate. (It certainly doesn't hamper the
TS-E's, which are manual focus only!)

Dan Phillips

D60, 50 1.4, 28 1.8, TS-E 24 L, TS-E 90, 28-135 IS, Sigma 15-30

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