17-55 on D300 vs 24-70 on D700

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Re: 17-55 on D300 vs 24-70 on D700

gonzalikus wrote:
To see a real difference you have to zoom in. The colors in the only
thing that differ to me from a simple look.... looking at the corners
at 100% then u see a difference. It would be interesting to see this
comparison with 2 RAW files.

As for the previous post comment:

I would be confident to shoot landscape up to
1600 or perhaps even 3200 ISOs on a D700...

I never understand how can you shoot lanscape at high ISO, use a
tripod if you want real good landscape results.

I always use a tripod, but with high-iso digital perfs, I can choose a speed/aperture setting (for DOF and precise exposure length) and + - stick to it while playing with sensitivity. It's not and end by itself, but a new mean to an end... Or a least a new latitude of settings I can profit from...

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