Cleaning My Camera

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Re: Cleaning My Camera

Personally, I am another of the Rocket Blower. The Rocket has a useful valve that makes sure that the air you suck in isn't the same air you just blew out.

If that doesn't work, I use the Pentax cleaning kit. It takes a bit of nerve to put it on your sensor and apply a bit of pressure, but it does work and lifts the dirt clean away. I think I've had this one for a year now and I'm still on my first one and not even half way through the first pad.

I use the Rocket first because it is easier and quicker ... using the Pentax kit is a degree more faff.

I tried the Arctic Butterfly but it wasn't for me; I think it was the kind of wet stuff that I was getting on the sensor, it just didn't have a charge and wouldn't lift off.

I also tried wet swabs and that just shuffled the dirt around the sensor; I got myself in a bit of a mess with that.

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