Here we go again, another paparazzi attack.

Started Jun 23, 2008 | Discussions thread
RUcrAZ Veteran Member • Posts: 5,167
Quit empathizing with "photogs."

Sometimes I wonder....many people in this forum are ready to defend "photographers" if the post initiator has them labeled as such. There are zillions of cameras available, and more are being sold every day. If every tom, dick and harry is carrying a camera at the time when he or she is being obnoxious, and someone takes a poke at them, all of a sudden this forum is bursting with indignant comments.

An obnoxious "person" is just that, whether there is a camera attached to his body in any fashion or not. They take a risk at ticking someone off, and that's the way it is. Most people mind their own business, and let others do the same, enjoying their leisure. But some do not, and push others' patience to the limit.

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