Pentax DA 300mm f4..Full Frame or Not??

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Re: Pentax DA 300mm f4..Full Frame or Not??

welshwizard wrote:

On Pentax website it does not say that the lenses are 'digital only'

It has the same optical formula as the FA* and a lot of people report
the lenses work on film cameras with no problem.

Sorry, the DA*300 is not the same design as the FA*300, but the DA*200 is the same design formula.

DA*300 f4.0

FA*300 f4.5

From several users who have reportedly tried the DA*300 on a film body, the image circle seems to cover FF on film, how well it will work on a FF sensor is anyones guess, it will depend on the light incidence angles and the sensor design (i.e. sensor well depths).

I won't speculate about a FF Pentax digital body, that's been done to death already!
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