D3: Buy or Wait

Started Jul 29, 2008 | Discussions thread
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Kingston Liu Junior Member • Posts: 29
D3: Buy or Wait

I know not many people will be replying to this post...but I'll just give it a shot.

Ive been wanting to get a d3 since earlier this year...been saving up for it.

Saved up 5 grande...so its time to buy....I have a d200...but always wanted a pro body ff camera.

D700 was announced....but still prefer the big body...don't like grip..since its stays on my d200 all the time...

QUESTION IS....i can get a d3 for around 4.6k(grey from jpn) in melbourne but a trusted seller.

Should I wait till photokina's announcement? to know what is coming out?

I know 12.1mp will be sufficient for my needs for a long long time.....but still with the announcement at least ill know what is out and with "new" announcement....d3 price is going to fall somemore (would be a Plus)....
Even now with d700...d3's price been coming down pretty quick..so wait it out?

I'll still be shooting with my d200...so there won't be any big loss in pictures....just my URGE of getting a FF PRO BODY LOW LIGHT WONDER!!

DISCUSS? thanks!

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