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Re: Not convinced yet

Robert Deutsch wrote:

CSPronken wrote:

Robert Deutsch wrote:

I'm put off by the sharpening halos in

I get this from my exif viewer:

  1. Contrast = hard (2)

  2. Saturation = high (2)

  3. Sharpness = hard (2)

This could indicate that sharpness was turned up pretty high.

Yikes! Yes, that would explain it. Why would they do that?

I must say that, although I don't by any means consider myself an
expert, I'm astounded by the lack of technical competence shown by
the people taking the photos in these previews offered by magazines
and internet photo sites. The photo of the casino in Monte Carlo
that you might have seen involved shooting into the sun, which caused
a major flare problem, and the horizon is not level. Sure, we've all
done this sort of thing, but these are supposed to be pros. In the
present case, I wonder if the camera was just handed to them by a
Panasonic rep(perhaps the cute girl that they took a picture of), and
they didn't bother checking the image settings, which someone else
had turned up for printing directly out of the camera.


heh, heh heh, yep the early samples always seem bad, as do the first pics posted by early adopters on the forum. People just rush out and snap anything and post ASAP. When the rush of adrenalin wears off we start seeing some well crafted pics.

The best pics I have seen from the LX3 are the two posted on the official Panasonic.net website
Kevin Coppalotti

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