The Joy of Pixel Density

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Re: A more theoretical visual example

Victor Engel wrote:

You may wish to open that link in a separate window and follow along
as I describe it here.

Nice demonstration. It is very ironic that such a powerful example that cuts right to the hollow heart of a myth can result in so little discussion. It almost seems as if, when people keep repeating the so-called "facts" of poor image quality resulting from low-capacity pixels, that they are just in fact doing that; repeating words; with no vision of a picture or model in their heads, of what it is they are talking about. A lot of people probably looked at your demonstrations and shrugged their shoulders, and then went onto another thread and repeated their myths yet again.

Just like what I demonstrated with the original post here; all the nay-sayers keep on saying that small pixels are no good, and when I show that they can actually be better covering the same area, they say "so what?" or make pedantic complaints about things that aren't relevant to the discussion, perhaps not even aware that I have debunked a great part of the myth that they like to repeat.

Anyway, I was thinking about replying to you, and have a new thread related to the subject so I'll link to it in this reply to save an extra post before the 150 limit.

The FZ50 pixels battle the mighty CMOS pixels at ISO 1600 on the 400D:

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