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Re: Request to PPG voters

Mousehill wrote:

Hi Richard,

I definately see where you are going here. Interestingly enough I'm
reading a book by Michael Feeman about composition.

I've also read the "Photographer's eye", it's a very nice book but it won't teach you how to make great pictures IMHO. It's a very good book to understand more about composition, what's going on in a good composition, to also get a vocabulary and have a kind of dictionnary on compositional "tricks". But I find that the best way to move up to the next level as you said is, like in every art, is to look at great photographs by great artists. And to study them. Mozart improved a lot when he studied Bach and Haendel, he didn't copy them afterwards but he integrated what he learned from them. That's maybe the fault I find in the Freeman's book, his pictures don't inspire me that much. It maybe just a matter of taste though.

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