a second 5D or an used 1DsII

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marco ricci Regular Member • Posts: 329
a second 5D or an used 1DsII

since 1 year i am making photography my first occupation.. so we can say i am a (new) pro-shooter.
actually i work mainly in street and social reportage

u can see some new here:

i even shoot in studio (i have a little studio with 3 bowens strobes and 2 cobra as emergency lights) mixing photography to 3d Graphics (my old job) working in projects like these:


actually i work with a 5D+Bg and a 20D+BG as backup camera.
i have this lenses

70/200 f4L
50 1.4
85 1.2L
100 2.8 macro
135 2L
300 4L

i am happy with my setup but i almost never use the 20D for resolution, and mainly for the crop factor..

so too often i find my self changing lens on the 5D even in REALLY dusty and hot situation as u can see from the images..

I decided to 20D for a second FF body..

i was thinking to a second 5D ( now in italy u can find it for less than 1200 euro used or around 1600 euro new).

but maybe is better for me an used 1DsII (2500/2800 euro for one in excellent condition) i currently work and live in morocco and here a -1 body has reason to exist

i never used a 1 series body and i am afraid the 1DsII as "old generation" camera can be slower than 5d browsing and reviewing files after shot, and that display is not as good...

i even was thinking to a 1DIII (i can't afford a 1DsIII), but often i shoot wide and i think 1.3x factor is not ideal for me, but i can buy one for a similar price than a used 1DsII, and have all the new stuffs...

may be a future 1DIV will be full frame and 12/14Mp (in a word the D3 or D700+BG would be perfect for me) but now isn't there..


what u suggest for me?

a second 5D+grip, an used 1DsII, a 1DIII, wait (i have to buy someting for september) the new 5DII or the (?) 1D IV ?

thanks for ur time

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