24 MP Nikon, are you kidding

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Re: Yep...simple logic

Bernie Ess wrote:

nickram wrote:

Look, Nikon has abandoned studio pros who
invested in Nikon glass years ago, everybody knows that.

No, everybody does not know that. D2x was considered an excellent
studio camera.

Sorry, I disagree, here in nyc, the city with the most and most successful studio pros in the world, most studio pros don't use 35mm, they use medium format, but on occasion, if the job allows 35mm, the vast majority use Canon. This is likely the case around the world; a close friend who just moved to nyc from Rio, where he was a top advertising photographer, said 100% of the pros in Rio shoot Canon.

Let me guess: The
day it will then be announced, you will claim that Nikon only did it
because you put too much pressure on them - LOL!


No, I won't do that. But I will keep track of this issue, and comments like yours, because this blind belief in Nikon's imagined desire to produce a high MP flagship soon, is actually the thing on this board that is misleading and harmful to people who carefully consider their purchasing decisions, and who care about studio pro concerns.

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