Partition or not Partition that is the question?

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Partition or not Partition that is the question?

My PC interest started with the IBM PC and I was a mature manager then! A world of small HDs and several partitions.

I was taught that OS, Apps and Data should be on separate partitions or physical drives and I have followed that approach with each of my machines.

Windows has made that approach increasing more difficult. So 'to partition or not to partition, that is my question'!

I am about to build myself a new PC on a budget. Easily the most demanding program I will be running is CaptureNX2. The planned configuration is:
Asus P5E3
Intel Q6600
RAM 4GB (I know XP can only handle 3GB+)
GeForce 8500GT
HD WD SE16 500Gb X2
OS WinXP Pro

Should I partition my primary HD and if so, how.

The second of the HDs will be for my data files but it could have a partition for say CNX2's cache.
Do not consider Backup as that is covered.

Thanks in anticipation of your help.


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