New Canon EOS 40D and Corrupted Raw Images

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New Canon EOS 40D and Corrupted Raw Images

Here it is: image corruption of a .CR2 file on a brand new Canon EOS 40D with an ATP 4Gb ProMax CF card. I formatted the card in-camera, as the Canon manual suggests.

The good image

The corrupted image

Since I am still learning about the camera and software, I set the camera to take RAW + JPEG. This corruption only happens on the .CR2 file and not the .JPG file. I took about 100 pictures the day this happened and this is the only one with the problem.

The lower right corner is trashed. From searching the Web, I see this kind of pattern of corruption is fairly common. I don't see any one answer to this problem. Some insist it is the process of uploading the image that causes corruption. Others say it is the card, while some say it is the camera. And a few even blame the person who has a corrupt image.

The problem shows up when I open the .CR2 file in DPP and in Photoshop Elements. It does not show up in Zoombrowser when simply viewing the .CR2 file, but when I click on Display Original Image, Zoombrowser develops the raw image and the results show a corrupted image.

I first uploaded the files from the camera via a USB cable using EOS Utility.

When I saw the problem, I executed a second upload and found the same corrupted file. This is on Windows XP. Next, I used Zoombrowser to get the .CR2 file off the CF card via a built-in card reader on my PC. The image retrieved is still corrupted. Finally, I did a direct copy of the .CR2 file from the CF card to my PC. Still corrupted. I think this rules out any corruption during the transfer. But to make sure it wasn't Windows XP, I upload the CF card images to a Windows Vista system and the file is still corrupted. The last thing I tried was to use 'CardRecovery' to retrieve files from the CF card. The file retrieved with this program also was corrupted.

Whatever happened to this .CR2 file happened IN the camera. I do not know if it is a fault with the card or if it is a fault with the camera's buffering and writing of the image to the card. Canon blames the card. They say that nothing can be found by just examining the .CR2 file. I haven't got a response from ATP yet.

A side note ... The image immediately following was deleted in the camera later

in the day that this picture was taken. I don't see any reason that that would have any affect on this .CR2.

I have not seen the problem again. I erased/formatted the card on Windows XP, then did the format again in-camera. So far, so good. But, I do not really trust the card. I haven't use it enough to feel safe with it. I really hate to lose images from memory cards.

Any opinions? What card is "safe?" For anyone interested, the CR2 file is available at

Sorry about the long post.


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