What's your P&S camera (for street photography)?

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A650is gets my vote (and it CAN have RAW!)

arammc wrote:

I used to have an s70, but have "upgraded" to the a650is. It has
image stabilization and a 35-200 mm range. I miss the really wide
28mm sometimes, but have been happy with the quality (It does well up
to iso 200 after which......)

The A650 also has the fully articulating LCD which was so stupidly removed from the G series. That's the one feature I want to my next DSLR in addition to Live View, allowing me to shoot over people's heads or a bug on the ground without lying in dirt. The A650 naturally also has full manual controls. All in all, I'd say it's more G and the G series nowadays.

its very similar to the G series canon (g9?) without the raw

Google for chdk and get RAW and million other features for your A650. This is much better than the current, physically crippled G series. My wife has loaded several fun scripts in the camera, the most cool being an adjustable motion sensor (and a less cool but always useful intervalometer).

At 12 megapixels the noise reduction smudges fine detail, but as a 5 megapixel P&S the A650 is really good. Here's a moonlit shot by my wife on the A650 of me trying to shoot some bats with our 5D, from three nights ago:

Kind regards,

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