Just received my SP-570 and the result is.....I need your advice

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Re: Just received my SP-570 and the result is.....I need your advice

What size of pictures are you looking at for the auditorium?

When I am in a weak light situation I start with the widest angle I think acceptable, F 2.8 if possible, and highest resolution, image shake on e.g. 100mm equiv you can take with a 1/30 of a second with a reasonable chance of success.

If the object is moving often you will need of course a higher shutter speed. If the the people are more like in a classical concert or a presentation often lower shutter speeds like 1/20th or lower can be acceptable. With raw you can have another stop reserve in recovering dark areas.

For PC/web or 10 x15 cm purpose crop will provide you with a reasonable 4/5 times digital zoom for this purpose from the 10Mbps starting point. Try after the new software upgrade if you think the 3200 asa is acceptable I have the impression that they have reduced the grain. This will give you sufficient higher shutter speeds at 5 Mp for optical zooming.

For metering take the spot metering values zoomed in on the main subject as a starting point. Often there are flood lights that determine the clearity of the subject most iesp will provide you with the wrong values and you need negative exposure compensation on the main subject..

If you are further away you can experiment with focus lock (AF prediction off) or manual focus, to avoid hunting the depth of field should be sufficient.

good luck.

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