Decided (tentatively) on a 1000D

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Re: 12 bit v/s 14 bit is a minor issue

Agreed. I will wait for prices to drop. And one of the macros will be
bought with the camera.

Which macro? Sigma 105 macro and canon 100 macro are excellent, with the very slight edge going to the canon.

Some reasons for passing on the XTs are I have tons of SD cards

Memory cards are relatively inexpensive. Don't base your choice on that. It is likely that your older cards are small and will be of less value. Better to just get two fast large storage ones (of SD or CF) for whatever camera you buy.

and I
will also get the battery grip which will probably be useful for
future models.

Don't count on that. The Ba$tards change the battery grip with every model.

There are others, but it's happy hour and I don't
remember them all right now.

All three models, 400D, 1000D, and 450D are excellent. You will not be dissapointed.

One little tidbit, for the absolute best results, plan on post processing your pictures. In film, the film developer processed for you. Or you developed and processed your own.

At least digital is not messy with pans and chemicals. Just post process in the computer.


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