Dye vs Pigment ink - let the debate begin

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Re: Simple Solution

Because the audience typically judging these things is selling prints, and, after long bad experience with many dyes they would take any compromise in order to take no compromise on print lifetime.

Did you know that it is actually harder to get a given color out of a pigment inkset? That it is actually a harder feat of engineering to get a pigment subtance to produce a wide gamut? It's actually easier with dyes because they mix so much more easily. Yes I read that somewhere many moons ago, discussing the wave of pigment printers that were becoming the norm for the advanced users.

The other thing that varies is that we have this imagination that we'll keep prints for 100 years. I'm not sure about you, but there aren't a lot of photos I dug out of my grandmothers house to hang on my wall.

Vivera "dyes" were finally the cat's meow to me. Not perfect, but a set of compromises that I appreciated and printed thousands of photos from. All that would be required is to build a set of printheads and ink cartridges that use a dye inkset and drop them into a 9180 body, and I'd be happy even if it did cost me $1k. Greys, separate cartridges and all.

Oh well. Seems they can't build such a thing.

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