The Joy of Pixel Density

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Re: John

John Sheehy wrote:

I haven't seen this behavior in DSLRs; only in my FZ50. I would
assume that the amp used is just garbage. Even when the amp isn't
garbage, like in my G9, I tend to use under-exposure for high
indices, since high ISOs don't do any special tricks, in any absolute
sense. The only reason to use the right ISO or a close one is to see
a brighter review image, or get FEC correct. My G9 and FZ50 are
usually set to ISO 80/100, and I get up to 360/400 with the EC
control. If I want 1600, I'll do it from 400 with -2 EC.

John, what are your measurements on the G9:

Read noise in ADU?
Gain (and at what ISO)?

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