What's your P&S camera (for street photography)?

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Re: What's your P&S camera (for street photography)?

5D Monster wrote:

My P&S camera is a 5D. I dont use anything lower that that. Yes I
know its not a P&S, but thats what I use when I leave the 1DsMkIII at

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Ha-ha, mine is the 1DMK-3, and I prefer it for street shooting over my 5D unless I want to go wide. Faster AF locks ons, better tracking, best view finder. I find people tend to be more receptive with the pro frame and it's a lot easier to hold.

As for the original poster Q:

Sneaking around will cause you to have issues, and maybe bad ones. People see lenses. A P&S being concealed would make almost anyone concerned, and if by chance you line up something that is a bit racy, be prepared for real problems if your spotted. Sorry, but it sounds shady right from the get go, and many will feel that your up to no good, including cops. It will creep people out.

-I shoot my images as I live, in the open-

Hey any movie peeps need a rigger? Blackhawk for hire.

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