The Joy of Pixel Density

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DSPographer wrote:

This is the sort of test I wanted to see. I agree it shows the FZ50
noise to be in the same ball-park per sensor area as the 10D. Of
course the 10D design is more than three years older than the FZ50's
design so if you get the chance to compare the FZ50 to the 400D with
each at their best ISO and pushing the shadows to make the noise
obvious then I would certainly like to see that.

Well, shot noise per unit area was a given. The issue is read noise per unit area, and there we should take the best current DSLR's, say the 1D3 with 4.0 electrons read noise at ISO 1600 and 7.2µ pixels, vs the FZ50 with (according to John; seems a bit low to me) 3.3 electrons read noise at ISO 1600 and 1.97µ pixels. Area scaling just means divide the read noise by the pixel spacing, and so the 1D3 gets 4/7.2~.55, while the FZ50 gets 3.3/1.97~1.7. So the FZ50 will be worse in the read noise dominated regime by over a stop and a half.

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