HDMI cables and a bit of a whinge

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Re: A question Bryan

mamallama wrote:

Another difference: hdmi contains audio; dvi does not.


often, its easier just to use a separate spdif (toslink or coax) wire to carry audio.

true, the 'hd audio' (LOL. really LOL) uses up a lot more bits but there isn't even pro level audio (in mixing desks) 'good enough' to really NEED extra bit depth for audio. we can't even get good clean 24bit audio a lot of the time. and ever see the maze of wires that come out of a mixing desk? ever see all the stages of compression and filtering that the audio goes thru before being mixed to 5.1 (etc) ?

other than HD, there is no reason to funnel audio thru that POS hdmi cable.

and there are good reasons to NOT send audio down that cable. dts is one of them. if you send dts audio to your tv, it usually won't decode it. you are better sending dts over spdif to your stereo and sending JUST video to the tv.

one more thing: 2496 spdif needs coax since its not the usual spdif connection. but dd5.1 and dts 'fit' just fine in either of the 2 spdif cables (opto toslink or coax wire). so for max flexibility, coax is slightly better. then again, few people care about 96k sampled audio, so its a MUTE (heh) point

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