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Re: 400D Dynamic range not sensor limited

I didn't mean to put words in your mouth. I was just disappointed that you went to the trouble to do this comparison that I find uninteresting. If you have done the same comparison as this one but at maximum ISO gain then I would very much like to see it. Can I trouble you to link to it one more time? I do appreciate the effort you make to do these comparisons (I don't have an FZ50 so I can't do these tests myself) but I was frustrated that they didn't show the sensor performance comparisons that I think are important. My post above came out more disparaging then I intended, I just meant to explain why I think maximum ISO noise performance is most important for comparing sensors with different size pixels.

John Sheehy wrote:

This was not meant to be proof of overall superiority of the small
pixels. It is to show how far off base is the notion that small
pixels ruin IQ with lots of noise, because of a lack of SNR in the
smaller pixels.

I've already done the FZ50 against a CMOS DSLR at ISO 1600, and
linked to it many times here before. The 10D had no noise benefit,
and a bit less resolution. They were normal ISO 1600 exposures,

The more time I spend here replying to people who are shifting the
context and misparaphrasing me, the less likely you will see any
other related demonstrations anytime soon.

Why can't people say, "yes, I see that the FZ50 pixels render the
same absolute exposure better in base ISO shadows; what else can it
do?", instead of putting words in my mouth suggesting that I am
saying that this is proof of superiority in every IQ aspect?

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