NEW 5D available in August!

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Re: NEW 5D available in August!

you could be right. be careful what you say on this forum. people have been known to disappear (banned) and all their remarks removed. it happened to some poor guy on the sony forum.

i am not interested in nikon, but the 25mp sony looks tempting.

65tigershark wrote:

rjconklin wrote:

before i would buy any new canon high end camera i would wait for
this forums "OUR FULL REVIEW". it seems the 1ds III and 1dIII have
been refused "OUR FULL REVIEW" by the professionals at dpr. if the
professionals won't review these high end cameras, there must be some
problem with them. maybe the new 5d will be just fine, but without
dpr's "OUR FULL REVIEW" i would not consider buying it.

Better switch to Nikon then. It does appear that DPR is biased
towards Nikon when it comes to doing full, in depth reviews of

You may be waiting a while before you are willing to buy a new Canon
then, if you ever bought another Canon, due to waiting for DPR.

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