NEW 5D available in August!

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Canons hold back, is it over..

Well is Canons hold back of features come to end. or are they finally going to give the 5DII all of the features of the 1 series? With the introduction of the Nikon D700 you would think that Canon would finally stop with it's feature/s held back on lesser models.

You would figure that they would need to do this to keep any customers who are still on the fence when it comes to either a Nikon D700, or the new Canon 5DII.

My take is that if the camera comes loaded it will be leaked early to keep any fence jumpers from jumping early. If it is not loaded then they will wait rite up until 2 weeks before Photokina.

My guess would be that canons arrogance with feature set will get the better of them again, as usual. Canon knows that they have the glass, until Nikon produces an equal too, or better than, prime lens array Canon will continue with it's feature hold back.

One thing i hope, is that it leaves out the lens adjustment feature, and created a new 45 point focus system for the camera, and put a simple MLU switch to the camera!

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