K20D vs D300 samples

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Re: K20D vs D300 samples

You didn’t like the skintones that the K20 produced on some mannequins ;-? I like that one.

If you wanna see what skintones can be from actual persons, with the K20; Pete Fang had some very large files :
and this is with harsh lighting, using a better beamer

Of cause, you can also check out Benji’s portfolio from his K20, but his work is beyond most of us :



I would say that it depends on what you want, and which FL you use the most. I feel Nikon is lacking in the fast prime selection for normal focal lengths.

Do you need ultimate IQ, and travel/light weight set-up, then go for the K20. Or if you need a camera made for action and sports photography, then go for the D300. Both are great machines

good luck with your choice, have fun
kind regards

“The Pentax K20D, Canon EOS 1D Mark III, and Nikon D3 lead the pack in DSLRs for serious HDR photographers.” Jack Howard, administrator at Popphoto.com's forums and online technical editor

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