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Re: How to stop 5D rumors

AlanClements wrote:

Why can’t we get a friendly ayatollah to declare a fatwa against
anyone who publishes a rumor concerning the 5D? Then, anyone who
posts such a rumor on Dpreview is declared apostate and stoned (far
too light a punishment in my opinion). However, if some people think
a religious solution too drastic, perhaps we can convince malware
manufacturers such as Norton to include 5D rumor-mongering malware
filtering in all their software.

What happens if the rumour turns out to be true? It's hard to "unstone" people, as anyone involved in rehab can tell you.
Anyway, stoning is only for those who say "Jehovah".


This post is not a valid reason to stone me, since I didn't say "Jehovah", I only typed it.

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