New virus a threat to computer photos

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Re: New virus a threat to computer photos


Thank you for adding these hints...

Hidden somewhere in the fine print is the fact that an executable
file is required to extract the devious data from an image file.

After having read some more, I understand what I missed. The .EXE is teh real problem that has to be searched for and removed.

Of course, such "infected" JPG's carrying additionly "rubbish" is no good thing either...

If you used ACDSee or any other legitimate viewer on an infected jpeg
nothing would happen.

Yes, that's what I thought of first too, but it seems to be only one part of the "cake"...

Even if the executable had no 'bad' code it
could extract a virus from a jpeg. Most file formats have a
provision for 'extra' data ... and this is what would be extracted.
Of course, you could have a virus, rename it something-dot-jpg, and
have some evil viewing software execute it.

Well, maybe the dager in it is that both parts separately are not dangerous but possibly the combination...

Any rescue availiable to detect and remove this "rubbish"?

Regards, A. Schiele.

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