What's your P&S camera (for street photography)?

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Re: What's your P&S camera (for street photography)?

Some of the other posters aren't getting the point it seems.

I use a now ancient Powershot S70. It uses CF memory cards and has the same battery as the Rebel series.

Noise! You bet, but I see virtually no improvement in noise for the later generation cameras so far. I really like the G9 but it's heavier than the S70 and has pretty much the same noise as far as I can tell.

S70 only goes up to ISO 400, which is fine with me since 400 ISO is already virtually useless. The 28-105 f. 2.8 (equivalent) lens is one of the best ever put into a P&S camera and it features Raw, Manual mode, and Manual override focus.

I always have it with me and it takes quite good 7MP pictures at ISO 100, decent at ISO200 and a quite lumpy-moody ones at ISO 400. Still, it beats not carrying a camera.

I feel fortunate to have one in good repair. Canon wont fix them anymore but you can find them on Ebay.

For my money, still the best overall P&S camera made to date, if you want to have manual override and RAW. If you want IS, face recognition and other nifty things, it's not for you.


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