The Joy of Pixel Density

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Re: The Joy of Pixel Density

John Sheehy wrote:

dmanthree wrote:

So you're trying to prove that given the same sensor area, a higher
number of pixels will produce a better image? Using two vastly
different cameras and up-sampling one to match the other? Huh?

That is exactly how to do it, when such different pixel pitches in
the same size sensor are not available.

Which makes me wonder, if the sensors aren't available, why bother? Of what use is the info, even if it is valid?

This is like trying to determine the fuel efficiency of motors with
hundreds of cylinders against the same size engine with a few
cylinders, except you've compared a Smart motor with a locomotive

Only if you read too much into it, to imply things that were never
meant to be implied. This is not a face-off between the FZ50 and the
400D. It is a borrowing of their pixels, to show how well each
delivers when filling the same sensor space.

but since processing on the two sensors is radically different, the results are meaningless. does the FZ50, which it's tiny pixels, process the raw data the same as the larger sensor? Again, this makes no sense at all.

I know this has been posted and discussed in usenet, but the result
is the same: this is a test with no pratical value since you can't
really perform it correctly, and the results do not reflect any sort
of diminishing returns in either direction. For example, what kind of
image would be produced by a 100M sensor that's only 1/2.5"? Anything
usable? At what sensitivity?

But you see, we don't have pixels that tiny to extrapolate from.
We DO have 1.97 micron pixels, though, and we can compare them to
coarser pixel pitches on a per-unit-of-area basis, as I have done.

And that's my point. Your numbers don't take any of that into account. And can't really. John, I mean no disrespect, but I just don't get the point of this excercise.

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