Ilford Galerie Classic Gloss

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Chris Maddock Senior Member • Posts: 2,282
Re: Ilford Galerie Classic Gloss

Richard W wrote:

Bought some of these Ilford papers to try this week on my S900.

Initial results on Galerie Classic Gloss were not too good - too
long to dry with coalescence.

I had the same on the Epson 750 - it does dry fully after a few days, and the bronzing (is that what you mean by coalescence?) does smooth out.

Much better results with the Smooth Pearl (Instant Dry Paper).

Agreed, less saturation than the Classic, but it's the fastest drying paper I've ever tried.

There are some profiles (from Joe Barnhart) at:

BTW - For any UK readers Jessops are doing a buy 1 get 1 free on
the Ilford Galerie papers currently.

When that offer ends, 7dayshop have it for £5.99/pack - it isn't marked as an offer or special price.


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