G9 Questions - as a second camera to my DSLR...

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G9 Questions - as a second camera to my DSLR...


I have been photographing for over 15 years, starting with film and later my own dark room.... I'm not a pro, but would consider myself as a well versed amateur.

my main camera for some time now has been my trusty Nikon D70s, an assortment of glass, flash system and all other neat things

now the whole SLR Setup is great and I use it in my job and my spare time... (I need to take a lot of photos at work...)...

I have travelled with a all my kit, with part of it, and also with just the basic SLR one lens and flash...

but sometimes, depending on the "action" I would love being able to have something quite a bit smalller without too much of a sacrifice.

I recently handled Canon's G9 and was quite impressed feature and handling wise.

The size is right, the lens seems ok, the LCD is good (although I would prefer a better Viewfinder, but I can live with that)...

I love the manual controls... and that's one of my most important requirements: manual controls... the back-dial is great to set shuter speed or aperture... and that's what I'm looking for.

high iso is also a bit important to me... but...

now I'm not too big a pixel-peeper and thus most reviews out there doing noise-tests are too far from "real life" shooting for me...

I would appreciate if someone could share some well post processed high iso shots of real life stuff taken with the G9...

Generally I'm looking forward to get some inputs on the camera, such as real life battery time, image quality, problems and such stuff...

Again, the thing is not going to replace my DSLR, but will act as a backup camera and also as a light weight travel camera.

Also I'd be highly intetrested to see if someone has a few good shots to share taken with the wide angle adapter.

As well other camera recommendations...

I'm not focused on any brand or label... the camera should perform in real life situations, if possible at ISO 800 (or higher) and give a decent quality, should have manual controls, sturdy built and a reasonable size.

I don't need a super zoom thing, actually preferably a fast 28 to 70mm (in 35mm terms) would be the optimal.


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